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"Whether he's behind a drum kit or front and center with an acoustic guitar, you know you're in for a great show and a fun, entertaining night. He's got a great voice and always delivers a stellar performance. I'm a big Al Mannarino fan and look forward to every gig!"

 - Bonnie, Staten Island, NY


"I always have a blast when I go see Al Mannarino. He always puts on a great show and gets  the crowd involved. He's not your average "cover artist" , as he puts his own spin on many of the songs that he covers. I have come to actually like some of his versions better than the  originals.  Go see Al! You won't be disappointed!"

 - Amy, Brick, NJ



"Al is one of the most exciting and entertaining performers I have seen in years! He brings such joy and energy to his performing that it is a blast to watch him play & sing live!"

 - Kathy M., Warwick, NY


"The variety of songs that Al performs is incredible! He knows so many songs from such a  variety of genres and still brings his own style to every song he plays. I love going to hear him play. Whether on drums or playing guitar,  he is such a great singer and performer!"

 - Mark F. Brooklyn, NY


"I never miss the chance to go hear Al play live. I am a big fan! He’s such a blast to watch and I always leave in a better mood after listening to him sing and play!" 

 - Alicia P. Manhattan, NY

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