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Singer, guitarist, and lifelong drummer Al Mannarino has been performing since a very young age. One of his first memories was playing for thousands of people at age 15, which for him became the pivotal moment when he decided that performing was what he was meant to do. Playing music for him became the thing in life that brought him the most joy.


All throughout college, Al performed in multiple bands, playing all sorts of gigs while attaining his undergraduate and masters degrees in music performance and education. From clubs to benefits, corporate work to wedding bands, Al has performed in countless venues. Besides being an accomplished singer and guitarist, he is also a trained percussionist and drummer. Al has performed as a solo and duo act for over a decade. 


Singing and playing his guitar has brought him a great deal of success and has kept him busy as a performer. From private parties to bars, restaurants and clubs, Al covers it all! He is proficient in virtually all styles of music, from rock to raggae, pop and jazz, Al is an extremely versatile musician and performer.

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